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Environmental policy at HAURATON

We are committed to conserving our environmental resources and strive to continuously improve our environmental performance while at the same time avoiding environmental pollution. Compliance with legal and official environmental regulations is very important to us. In addition, we protect the environment through sustainable rainwater management.

DRAINFIX CLEAN on the employee and customer car parkzoom

Dirty in – out clean

Draining, cleaning and percolating on the employee and customer car park
The car park for customers, visitors and employees is an example of a water purification project. With our filter substrate channel DRAINFIX CLEAN, the rainwater is collected and simultaneously cleaned. The HAURATON DRAINFIX BLOC system connected to it ensures percolation and returns the clean rainwater to the natural water cycle.

Factory Ötigheimzoom

The Ötigheim plant

In the facilities of the new location in Ötigheim near Rastatt, HAURATON has consistently set ecological standards since the beginning. The plant and logistics centre built in 2006 meets the highest standards. More than 100,000 square metres are available for workplaces, storage and production. Investments in buildings and premises are made regularly in order to keep them ecologically up to date.


The heat is on

Resource-saving combined heat and power plant
In general, up to 60% heat is generated during the generation of electricity. This heat energy disappears unused. With our combined heat and power plant, the ideal solution for saving energy was found. All the lost heat is used in the modern plant for heating and hot water preparation. The electricity generated is fed into the public power grid. Up to 40% of primary energy can be saved due to the maximum efficiency of the combined heat and power plant. At the same time, the reduced energy consumption reduces the emission of fine dust and thus protects the climate.
Annual CO2 savings: > 120 tons

Combined heat and power unit in the HAURATON plantzoom
Loading at HAURATONzoom

Short routes

Logistics concept focuses on efficiency
The logistics routes for commissioning and loading were optimised in the new plant. This not only reduced load times and expanded service for customers. It also makes an important contribution to environmental protection. This optimisation means a CO2 reduction of more than 20 tons per year. With short transport routes, HAURATON contributes to noise reduction and traffic relief in the immediate vicinity of Ötigheim.


The sun indoors

Daylight-dependent light adjustment with LED technology
HAURATON also takes the ecological route when lighting the factory:
Conventional fluorescent tubes have been replaced by modern LED lighting both indoors and outdoors. Since this technique is less susceptible to dust, the scattering loss of light can be significantly minimised. At the same time, this conversion requires 26% less energy and doubles the light output. By means of a daylight-dependent light setting, the lighting of all indoor and outdoor areas adapts itself to the level of daylight thus creating optimum working conditions. This regulation leads to a 15% savings of energy and therefore makes an important contribution to environmental protection.
Annual CO2 savings: > 11 tons

Daylight-dependent light adjustment at the HAURATON plant.zoom
Photovoltaic system at the Ötigheim plantzoom

Power from the roof

Production hall with photovoltaic system
The entire area of the hall roof at the Ötigheim plant is used to generate electricity from solar energy with a photovoltaic system. The 2,784 modules, covering a total area of 4,478 m², supply approx. 1,700 kWh per day and are fed into the power grid. This corresponds to an average of 80% of HAURATON’s electricity requirements. In comparison, 145 four-person households could be supplied with it.
Annual CO2 savings: approx. 450 tons


Colourful and blooming

Flower meadow for biodiversity
Natural habitats for bees and other insects have become scarce in our sealed environment. In order to return a piece of original diversity to nature, we are using areas on the HAURATON company premises for a flower meadow with native plants. This natural habitat offers food and space for insects of all kinds.

Flower meadow on the HAURATON premiseszoom

Werkstraße 13
76437 Rastatt / Deutschland
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