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HAURATON History 2010 till this day

2010 - Invention of the FIBRETEC Slotted grating - HAURATON wins Focus Open design award

Invention is our passion

Our customers asked us time and time again for a powerful and corrosion-free complete system for surface drainage. Together with our specialist departments, industrial designers and engineering offices, we developed a new material and created a unique and highly-functional product. The FIBRETEC Slotted grating won a silver medal at the Focus Open 2010 international design competition.

HAURATON History in images

Designpreis Focus Open für FIBRETEC Stegrostzoom

2010 - HAURATON research! Long-term rainwater treatment test

Results of long-term rainwater treatment study presented

HAURATON has been researching the way in which channel filters work in practice for more than two years. The results of this long-term study of the treatment of polluted rainwater were presented throughout Germany for the first time in seminars. The results that were acquired in the field test were evaluated together with scientists and independent specialist institutes. This made it possible to design the DRAINFIX CLEAN Channel system for rainwater treatment in the best possible way.

DRAINFIX CLEAN Versuchsanlage in Augsburgzoom

2011 – Subsidiary opened in Brazil

First subsidiary in South America

After having continuously expanded its sites in the European market over the last few years, HAURATON is opening its first branch in South America in 2011.

HAURATON in Brasilienzoom

2011 - Record turnover

Growth in all product groups

In 2011 the record turnover from the year 2008 was even increased. With almost 84 Mio. € HAURATON has reached a turnover like never before in company's history. The growth was reached in all product groups and markets. The increase in the German Market as well as in Export has added to this peak result.

2011 - Record turnoverzoom

2012 - "Alte Schlosserei" put into operation

Visitors‘ center with modern functionallity in historical atmospehere

At the HAURATON headquarter in Rastatt the „Alte Schlosserei“ (old maintenance shop) was put into operation as a visitors‘ center. Visitors can be received in a nice atmosphere for trainings, presentations and conferences with guest or employees.

2012 - "Alte Schlosserei" put into operationzoom

2013 – New channel system: RECYFIX NC

Channel made of PP for Civil engineering

With the RECYFIX NC a new drainage channel for heavy duty apllications is available. The modern material PE-PP guarantuees an easy handling as well as a high stability. The RECYFX NC Channels supposed for loadings up to class E 600 and fulfill all demands of the EN 1433.

2013 – New channel system: RECYFIX NC zoom

2013 – Company founder Karl Hauger has died

With courage and far-sightedness he shaped his company

On 13 June 2013 Karl Hauger died in the presence of his family. He was 91 years old. His passing marks the end of a dedicated and fulfilling life.

At the age of 34, Karl Hauger set up his own company and boldly struck out in a new direction. With far-sightedness and tremendous dedication, he managed HAURATON until into his seventies, turning it into a successful medium-sized company. His passion for trying out new things laid the foundation stone for HAURATON’s level of performance today.

2013 – Company founder Karl Hauger has diedzoom

Werkstraße 13
76437 Rastatt / Deutschland
+49 7222 958-0


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