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Drainage for high optical demands

Drainage for high optical demands - New product range: slotted channels flat

Rastatt, 12. September 2018:

HAURATON has introduced a new range of slotted channels. In the quest for drainage solutions for squares and the surrounding vicinity of architecturally challenging areas, planners are increasingly demanding optically high-quality solutions. Slotted channels are very much preferred for this purpose and are often used in such areas. With its market innovation, the Baden-based company is meeting the specific and growing demand in this field.

Product range development based on years of experience
The drainage specialist HAURATON now offers a complete system with ready-made product solutions for corner situations, with inspection accesses as well as connection options and accessories. During the development of the product range, many years of experience in the construction of slotted channels and the analysis of individual requirements were considered. Experience has shown, for example, that areas where only low installation heights are available pose special challenges for those responsible for projects with slotted channel applications. The channel bodies must be hydraulically designed in such a way that they provide sufficient drainage capacity for the accumulated surface water and drain the water quickly away. At the same time, the neck heights must provide adequate construction height for the usual variety of surface coverings such as stone slabs or paving. Primarily, the system should require the lowest possible overall height. All in all, these are complex requirements that cannot be easily combined. This has been remarkably successful with the new flat range of slotted channels.

Safe drainage of surface water or infiltration directly on site
The monolithic slotted channel range offers channels made of galvanised and stainless steel, each with two different neck heights. The requirements of construction projects are often very different: The closed channel bodies drain away collected water directly and are normally connected to the sewer. Perforated channel bodies are available for areas where surface water can be seeped away directly on site. If required, both variations can be combined very easily. Thus, different functions – namely infiltration as well as drainage – can be implemented in one channel run.

Clever accessories complete the system
With the help of the connector, the installation of channel runs on the construction site can be carried out in no time at all. The channel elements are connected to each other. This guarantees a line that is as straight as an arrow. Meanwhile, the connecting element secures the channels against movement so that they are permanently fixed in the desired position. The principle always works, even when channels are adjusted and shortened.
The accessories also include an end cap and a sludge trap inlay for the channel slot. The end of the channel is securely closed off with the end cap. In this way, the penetration of bedding material is safely prevented. The sludge trap inlay keeps coarse dirt away and reduces the slot width for pedestrian areas. It can be retrofitted if required and is simply clipped into the slot. 

Access box for cleaning and maintenance
In order to carry out cleaning and maintenance work on the channel system, the access box provides the necessary access. At the same time, a vertical connection to the drainage pipe can be established via the box. The removeable cover can be filled with the surrounding surface covering. The access box thus fits inconspicuously into the areas to be drained. It can be placed variably – even on shortened channel elements – inside or at the ends of the channel run. The slot continues to run seamlessly. 

Around the corner and straight ahead
The corner elements, which are available in stock in the product range, are particularly practical. The elements of the inside and outside corners each have an angle of 90° and are often used for the continuation of a channel run around buildings. The short leg length is especially advantageous. It is not necessary to shorten the corners, thus making the channel run very flexible.
Conclusion: Slotted channels flat reliably drain surfaces and facades with high optical requirements in public and commercial areas with public traffic. Hauraton has launched the new product range.

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Slotted channel zoom
Slotted channel
Slotted channel at Bradford UKzoom
Slotted channel at Bradford UK
Pedestrian zone with slotted channels in Hungaryzoom
Pedestrian zone with slotted channels in Hungary

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