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Key Visual 25 years RECYFIX

25 years RECYFIX - A material with history



How it all started...

When our RECYFIX channel made of 100 percent recycled composite was launched in 1995, it caused a furore in the industry. Up to then, the focus in drainage channels was mainly on classic systems, e.g. made of fibre-reinforced concrete.

So the exciting question was: Can recycled composite exist alongside concrete?

On the part of Hauraton, this meant the following: “We want to try out new things and come up with ideas!” Nowadays, drainage channels made of recycled composite are an established fixture.  

What initially appeared to be a new alternative to traditional concrete channels 25 years ago can now be found in a wide range of modern drainage systems. RECYFIX channels are especially used in heavily-trafficked areas and they can handle more demanding hydraulic requirements due to a large drainage cross-section.

The first RECYFIX brochurezoom


Entrepreneurial courage leads a new material to success

The decision to develop recycled composite as a new material for drainage systems was a courageous step by HAURATON in the mid-1990s. The reason for the introduction: The demand of the construction industry for a high-performance material that is easier to process than concrete.

„We’ve now known for a long time that RECYFIX channels offer far more benefits: They can be easily adapted on site and remain aesthetically pleasing for a long time. The material does not corrode and is extremely resistant to breakage - combined with the low weight of the product, it makes transportation much easier. These features of recycled composite channels have opened up more potential for us in international markets. The range and scope of services have evolved to meet the needs of various international market requirements.

Today, environmental compatibility and resource conservation are important aspects worldwide. From the beginning, the aim for the RECYFIX material was to satisfy such requirements – and now the channels are certified by the “Blue Angel” (Blauer Engel) standard. Quite simply, it’s been a success story."

Rüdiger Simonis, Head of International Sales HAURATONzoom

Rüdiger Simonis

Head of International Sales HAURATON



The RECYFIX family - variety for all applications

Over the past 25 years, the RECYFIX product line has also undergone constant development. Currently we can look back on a very wide range of products for all applications from private to heavy duty applications.


RECYFIX PRO channels - Modern design & high resistance


The RECYFIX PRO drainage systems are ideal for corrosion-free linear drainage of private and public areas such as parks, driveways and parking lots.

Advantages of RECYFIX PRO:

  • Stable, almost unbreakable & environmentally friendly material (100% recycled composite body made of polypropylene)
  • Modern & unique in design due to hydraulically optimised FIBRETEC slotted grating
  • Resistant to environmental influences

RECYFIX PRO drains European Quarter in Frankfurt

RECYFIX PRO channels with award-winning FIBRETEC design gratings drain the European Quarter in Frankfurt. The 670,000 m² area contains offices, apartments and various shopping and leisure facilities.

The European Quarter in Frankfurt

RECYFIX NC - The recycled composite channel for Civils engineering and road construction


The RECYFIX NC drainage systems are highly stable and lightweight which make them the ideal product for heavy duty applications with higher traffic volumes, such as industrial estates, loading and unloading zones, car parks and public areas.

Advantages of RECYFIX NC:

  • Load capacity up to class E 600 according to EN 1433
  • Maximum security through 8-fold bolt fixing
  • Very lightweight, quick and cost saving installation

RECYFIX NC defies heavy traffic at builders' merchant SFS unimarket

The RECYFIX NC 200 channel ensures safe drainage of the builders' merchant SFS unimarket, the leading building materials expert in Switzerland. Even daily heavy-duty traffic is no problem for the robust channel!

RECYFIX NC channels at SFS unimarket are exposed to high daily loads

RECYFIX MONOTEC - The monolithic drainage channel


As a drainage system with a high retention volume, the RECYFIX MONOTEC is ideal for highly frequented applications such as supermarkets, car parks and petrol stations. The channel elements as a unit of channel body and integrated grating are easy to install.

Advantages of RECYFIX MONOTEC:

  • Load capacity up to class D 400 according to EN 1433
  • Leak-proof & chemical-resistant
  • Secure against vandalism

The driving force: RECYFIX MONOTEC in the driving safety centre in Brno

The Polygon driving safety centre in Brno has a particularly curvy course. RECYFIX MONOTEC 100 channels were the best solution here as they could be easily cut to size on site and also installed accurately in the curves.

The Polygon driving safety centre in Brno

RECYFIX PLUS - Aesthetic even with high loads


The RECYFIX PLUS is the drainage channel for high optical demands. It is particularly suitable for public and commercial areas with higher traffic volumes up to load class C 250, such as shopping centres, public facilities and car parks.

Advantages of RECYFIX PLUS:

  • Optical appreciation through visible steel frame
  • Corrosion-protected frames made of galvanised or stainless steel
  • High resistance against frost, de-icing salt and UV rays

RECYFIX PLUS scores at the Frankfurt School of Finance

The internationally renowned Frankfurt School of Finance & Management has been given a new campus - and HAURATON contributed the drainage solution in the form of optically attractive RECYFIX PLUS channels.

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

RECYFIX STANDARD - Low weight & high quality optics


RECYFIX STANDARD channels are particularly suitable for domestic applications around the house, garden, yards, driveways and public areas such as parks. Gratings for the RECYFIX STANDARD are available up to load class C 250.


  • High stability and functionality
  • Low weight
  • Preformed vertical and horizontal outlets

Cheers for RECYFIX STANDARD in the Al-Maktoum Stadium in Dubai

The Al-Maktoum Stadium in Dubai hosts continental football tournaments such as the AFC Asian Cup. 441 metres of RECYFIX STANDARD 150 channels ensure reliable drainage of the pitch.

 Al-Maktoum Stadium in Dubai


Videos about production, quality and easy processing of RECYFIX channels

The RECYFIX Channel from HAURATON – construction, tool manufacturing, production

The RECYFIX Channel from HAURATON – construction, tool manufacturing, production

See here how a RECYFIX Channel is created. Recycled composite as a modern material for drainage channels offers a lot of advantages and is at the same time robust and very resistant.

Why is RECYFIX® material that break-proof?

Why is RECYFIX material that break-proof?

See here why RECYFIX material is that break-proof and why the characteristics of thermoplastic fits perfect for drainage channels.

Processing-Tutorial RECYFIX Channels

How to process RECYFIX drainage channels

Watch this video to see how RECYFIX drainage channels can be processed to a perfect fit.

The individual video sequences can be found here.


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